Word Project: Day Twenty One


No other words today. Just mine. 

This is important. Paisley’s birthday is in 9 days.

That means that today was the day, 4 years ago, that I was told that I would never take my daughter home from the hospital alive. Which is pretty horrendous. Moments like that become life defining. That’s where life becomes divided into “before” and “after”. 

65. I have 65 photographs of my daughter. Which almost sounds like a lot, except that those 65 are all I will ever have. EVER. No first smile, no first foods, no first day of school, no first date. That’s it. Just 65 pictures for a lifetime of love, loss and heartache. I got to spend time with my daughter only after she passed. 

Losing a baby is not only soul shattering, but expensive. But through the service offered by Heartfelt, a charity comprised of professional photographers, I have 65 beautiful, irreplaceable photographs that were taken with the utmost of love, care and respect, by someone who stepped aside from their own family, to volunteer their time so those photos could be gifted to me, without charge. It is the greatest gift I will ever be given.

Sadly, those 65 photos are an awful lot more than what some people have. Some families that face this devastating loss are left with nothing. They go home with empty arms, broken hearts and no recorded memories. It might be because they didn’t know about the service, or because it doesn’t exist where they are. Both need to change.

Which is why, I am asking you to take a moment to look up Heartfelt. This is an Australian charity set up by a man with a huge heart, who in my darkest time showed me personal kindness. I didn’t know they existed until I had to. Know about these people, because there could be a time where someone close to you needs them. Support them if you can, by way of donation to this appeal so that more families who need this service can be assisted. Because even a small amount will help. And what this charity does is priceless. 




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