A brief history of the events of my adult life…

I didn’t anticipate my adult life getting so complicated. It was meant to go: fall in love, finish uni, travel, get married, buy a house, have a bunch of kids, get a dog, live happily ever after. Instead, it went something like this.

Fall in love. With the wrong guy, but don’t know it yet.

Get pregnant. Drop of out of uni.

Have baby.

Have a miscarriage.

Get married.

Get pregnant. Baby gets diagnosed with terminal illness. Bury baby. World collapses.

Get pregnant again. Have third baby. Expect things to be better.

Marriage begins to fail.

Fall in love with best friend. Have 3 week affair. Get caught. End affair.

Get divorced. Both of us.

Date properly. Continue to fall madly in love. Seriously.

Go back to uni.


Try for a baby. And try, and try and try….

Get pregnant.

Finish uni and have a baby in the same month.

Live happily ever after- well, nearly. Still waiting on the dog.